My Sweet New York, I hope to see you soon.

I took this photo from the roof of my building @instratanewyork the day (night) before moving back to Italy!

I still remember the sensation. I shot so many photos like I wanted to record that view on the “front page” of my mind.

I never forget those years spent in this wonderful city.

Have you ever fallen in love with a place, a city, or even just a place where you spent important moments of your life?
It has happened to me several times.
Every city I have lived in has left an important mark. It has formed my personality, enriched my “culture” by adding customs, habits, and ways of thinking different from my default, which has given me the opportunity to see things from many different points of view, without prejudice, and with an open mind different from the one I had before starting my experiences abroad. New York City is one of these places.

You either hate it, or you love it forever.

Perhaps one of the most important, hard to forget. I’ve always heard that New York, “you either hate it, or you love it forever”. I feel very lucky because what happened to me is to have fallen hopelessly in love with this magical place. Walking its streets you feel incredible vibes. Everything in this city seems to move. You feel clear that everything starts here. Ideas, art, food, fashion.
Everything surrounds you and makes you feel part of something great.


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