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That's Me

Social Media Specialist | Digital Content Curator | Web Designer

Once I landed in the digital world, I focused on social communication and management of online communities; I held training courses on content marketing best practices, and I wrote a handbook on how to publish on social media.
My passion is data analysis with particular regard to the online management of datasets, customer analysis, and retargeting strategies.

My Skills

Web Designer 85%
Social Media 95%
Marketing 80%
Photography 95%
SEO 80%

My Education

Università degli Studi della Tuscia


Eclogia e Gestione delle risorse biologiche | Realizzazione di un network di dati in real time per la gestione e la produzione di database condivisi secondo il formato internazionale dei dati stabilito dagli standard ammessi dal SEADATANET.

Azpe Informatica


Web Design - Social Media - Digital Photography
Università di Roma Tor Vergata

Biological Sciences degree

Acquisition of professionalism in the marine biology sector: taxonomic recognition and data analysis of the benthic Mediterranean fauna; Realization of oceanographic instrumentation; Use onboard of oceanographic instrumentation for geophysical and biological investigation;

My Experience


Head Of Digital - Paris/Rome

Social media content curator, SEO specialist, web and graphic designer, photo shooting, and editing.

2016 - 2019
MOSAIKA – Digital Thinking

Digital Consultant - Rome

Social Media Manager | Management of social channels and content curation - definition of editorial lines - planning and management of publications; SEO Consultant | Consulting activities for the definition and coordination of SEO/SEM and social media marketing strategies.

Web Consultant - NY

Web sites Design and realization | Photo shooting Urban settings | Natural Photography

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  • WeLead
  • Oceanwish
  • Fitfit
  • Centronautico Vela3